30 Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes & Followers (2023)

The trend of hashtags on Instagram is almost as old as the platform itself. Ideally, we should never doubt hashtags, as the entire platform gains visibility with the help of the right hashtags. Since now we can even follow hashtags, many pages run because they use the right hashtags for #likes.

Hence, one of the go-to marketing strategies on Instagram is to use the right hashtags for #likes for your dropshipping business. Let's see:

  • Are Hashtags for Likes Still Relevant
  • 30 Best Hashtags for Likes
  • Types of Hashtags on Instagram
  • It’s Not Necessary to Only Use Popular Hashtags for Likes
  • What Else to Do for More Likes and Followers in 2022
  • Summary
  • In this article, we have discussed the 30 best hashtags for Instagram that can grow your followers and likes in 2022. Have a look, understand how hashtags for #likes work, and start using these in your posts.

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    Are Hashtags for Likes Still Relevant

    Definitely! There’s no doubt in the fact that Instagram hashtags for #likes are still relevant. One thing that has stayed common throughout the existence of this platform is the use of the hashtag. People post, some for entertainment and others for awareness, and all of them use relevant hashtags.

    These hashtags for #likes help you get noticed. Did you know that even using just one hashtag can improve your engagement drastically?

    You can understand the importance of hashtags by evaluating the situation on Instagram itself. Open your Instagram now, type one of the hashtags that we have given below and follow it. You will start receiving posts with that hashtag. Open any of the posts and see how Instagram influencers are using hashtags.

    For example, we searched dropshipping on Instagram, and here are the results we received.

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    30 Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes & Followers (2)

    Check the hashtag used by one of the accounts on Instagram.

    30 Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes & Followers (3)

    What’s the Purpose of the Best Hashtags for Instagram

    You may be wondering that we have been talking about Instagram hashtags for so long, but what is the purpose of this? Why do we use hashtags for #likes?

    Usually, hashtags help you improve your outreach. Before Instagram launched hashtag searches and the feature to follow hashtags, these were used to improve reachability.

    For instance, you sell scented soy candles and you use relevant hashtags. When a user searches for the same, your page might pop up.

    But, now, after the feature of following hashtags, we also use hashtags to group our products and posts.

    Why would you use your brand hashtag on Instagram? It links your products and helps users to find you without hassle.

    Overall, the entire concept of best hashtags for Instagram is to give you wide visibility, more followers and likes on your posts.

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    Think of using hashtags in two ways:

    • You are creating a unified connected view.
    • You are helping people find you easily.

    30 Best Hashtags for Likes

    What are the best hashtags for Instagram?

    Here’s a list of hashtags for #likes that we believe can improve your outreach. But, after reading these hashtags, check out the following sections to know how you can correctly use the best hashtags for Instagram:

    1. Likesforlikes
    2. Instagood
    3. Like4like
    4. Tbt
    5. Instadaily
    6. Art
    7. Tagsforlikes
    8. Bossladylife
    9. Contentcreators
    10. reelSteady
    11. reelsinstagram
    12. Giveaway
    13. ContestEntry
    14. PicOfTheDay
    15. FollowForFollow
    16. PhotoOfTheDay
    17. Smile
    18. Bestoftheday
    19. Lifestyle
    20. Instamood
    21. Followme
    22. Likesreturned
    23. Likesback
    24. Handmade
    25. Blackandwhite
    26. I4I
    27. Nofilter
    28. Sunset
    29. Nightmood
    30. makeup

    Types of Hashtags on Instagram

    There are several types of hashtags for #likes that you can use on Instagram. Depending on your brand, you should select relevant hashtags.

    1. Event

    As the name suggests, event hashtags are the ones created for an event. When you are hosting an event or starting a webinar or having a real-life match or event, you can create dedicated hashtags for it.

    For instance, #QueerEye or #MozCon. These hashtags make your event recognizable and trending this hashtag gives you more likes and followers in 2022.

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    2. Category

    Category hashtags are related to your product or business idea. These can be broad. For example, a fitness dropshipping store can use different types of hashtags. During a cricket match, you can pick the relevant trending hashtag and use that.

    So, these category hashtags are not really a brand thing. These are more related to the industry you are operating in and these hashtags help you pick up the latest trend and gain more followers.

    3. Brand

    Most of the leading brands like to create a dedicated hashtag for their brand. For instance, #ShareACoke. This hashtag for #likes builds a brand identity around the hashtag. However, these hashtags are usually created by big brands. But that doesn’t mean you can use it. From the starting, if you consistently use your brand hashtag and promote it evenly, your users may start recognizing it eventually.

    This hashtag is about your brand, not the industry or any trending topic. It is dedicatedly about what you do, how you do, etc.

    4. Campaign

    While event hashtags are used for events or recurring events, campaign hashtags are created for specific campaigns. These are really short-term and help build an audience around your product launches or campaigns. That’s all!

    It’s Not Necessary to Only Use Popular Hashtags for Likes

    There’s one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t always need to add the best hashtag for Instagram. On Instagram, using relevant hashtags is more important than using popular hashtags. So, if the hashtag doesn’t match your post, you should not add it.

    For example, while #sunset is a popular hashtag, you can’t use it for your post where there’s no reference to a sunset.

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    Further, another thing to keep in mind is the following around that hashtag. This will be good for your SEO.

    When you are making a post, you need to check relevant hashtags around it. For example, take sunset only. Go on Instagram and check how many people are following it. Currently, there are 295 million on the same. Now, how will your post get noticed?

    30 Best Trending Instagram Hashtags for Likes & Followers (4)

    You can add sunset but also use some dedicated hashtags for #likes with a smaller audience. You can add around 30 hashtags in one post, so use one or two popular hashtags and then some dedicated ones. This will give you the best results.

    Also, understand the meaning of your hashtags. You should not add hashtag #TBT to your posts randomly. There should be some type of meaning attached to your posts. TBT means Throwback Thursday. So, accordingly, add hashtags to attract more followers.

    What Else to Do for More Likes and Followers in 2022

    To get more followers and likes in 2022, you can improve your services. One of the best ways to achieve that is through a dropshipping tool.

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    • Import your list of products to the tool to avoid manual data entry.


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    The best hashtags for Instagram are the ones that are correctly used. We have discussed some of the popular hashtags for #likes here in this article. However, you also need to keep in mind several other factors that make your posts stand out. Just using all of these hashtags won’t bring you more followers and likes in 2022. Check out all the tips given above and improve your followers in the new year.


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