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Resident Licenses | Non-ResidentLicenses

The hunting and fishing licenses go on sale February 18 each year, the beginning ofprime fishing, and are valid until the last day of February the following year. Seasons aresubject to change. License fees are subject to change. Migratory birdseasons are determined by federal regulations. Most licenses, except the Lifetime Sportsman Licenseand specialty licenses, such as Wheelchair, Disabled Veteran, SSI (Supplemental Security Income),and Blind Fishing licenses, are available from most county clerks, sporting goods stores, hardwarestores, boat docks, this Web site, and from all TWRA offices.

License Ordering By Phone
Now charge your license(s) to Visa, Discover, or Mastercard! Call Toll Free: 1-888-814-8972. Anauthorization number will allow you to begin fishing or hunting (in season) the minute you hang up.Please note, regular license fees plus a $3.95 processing fee will be charged to your credit cardwhen you use the toll-free number above.

Licenses may also be purchased online by clicking here: Tennessee Online Hunting and FishingLicense Sales. There is a $3.25 processing fee for online license sales.

The TWRA is funded by two primary sources: license/permit sales and federal excisetaxes (Pittman-Robertson and Wallop-Breaux). Tennessee's allocation of these federal taxes is basedin part, on the number of hunters and fishermen in the state. The TWRA does not receive any fundingfrom the State's general fund (i.e. state sales tax). Thank you for buying a license. Without yoursupport, Tennessee would not have fish and wildlife management programs.

Resident Licenses
Resident licenses can be purchased by:

  • Persons who possess a valid Tennessee driver's license.
  • Persons who have lived in Tennessee for 90 consecutive days with the genuineintent of making Tennessee their permanent home.
  • Military personnel on active duty in this state and their immediate families,who reside with them, regardless of resident status.
  • Students who are enrolled in a Tennessee school, college, or university for atleast six months.

NOTE: A Social Security Number is required to purchase a
Tennessee hunting and fishing license.

Hunting and Fishing Combination* (Type 001) __ $28.00
The basic license required to hunt or fish all game species.

Supplemental Licenses (Types 005, 009, 010, or 011) are requiredand must be purchased, in addition to the Type 001 license, in order to hunt deer, bear, boar,turkey and waterfowl. The type of hunting equipment to be used determines which supplemental licenseis necessary.

Waterfowl (Type 005) __________ $31.00
Annual Big Game Gun (Type 009) __________ $28.00
Annual Big Game Archery (Type 010) __________ $28.00
Annual Big Game Muzzleloader (Type 011) __________ $28.00

Annual Sportsman (Type 004) __________ $136.00
An all-inclusive license valid for hunting, trapping, and sport fishing without any statesupplemental licenses or non-quota permits and allows holders to apply for quota permits at noadditional fee. Sportsman licenses can be purchased from all license agents.

To order your Sportsman License or other hunting and fishing licenses by creditcard: Visa or Master Card, call Toll-Free 1-888-814-TWRA (8972). Please note, in addition to thecost of the license, there is an additional $3.95 processing fee for credit card orders using thetoll-free number above.

You can order your Sportsman license (must be a TN resident) online by clickinghere: Tennessee Online Hunting andFishing License Sales. There is a $3.25 processing fee for online license sales.

Junior Hunt/Trap/Fish (Type 002) __________ $8.00
Ages 13-15. Good for hunting all game, fishing, and trapping. Must be purchased prior to 16thbirthday. No supplemental licenses are required, but special season and WMA permits will need to bepurchased in addition to this license.

Permanent Senior Citizen Hunt/Fish/Trap (Type 166) _ $11.00
Available at all license agents and can only be purchased when the 65th birthday is reached. A validTennessee driver's license or proof of age and residency is required. No supplemental licenses arerequired, but special season and WMA permits will need to be purchased in addition to this license.

Annual Senior Citizen Permit (Type 167) ______ $41.00
May be purchased only by holders of a Type 166 license. It covers all non-quota permits required byTWRA and allows holders to apply for quota permits without payment of additional fees.

Permanent Wheelchair Hunting and Fishing (Type 189)_ $10.00
Available only by application from the TWRA License Sales Office (615-781-6585). The applicationmust be accompanied by a doctor's statement stating that the applicant is permanently confined to awheelchair. Covers all license requirements to hunt and fish but holder must purchase any applicablepermits.

Permanent DAV Hunting and Fishing (Type 198) _____ $10.00
Available only by application from the TWRA License Sales Office (615-781-6585) for residentveterans certified by the VA as 30 percent disabled by reason of war service or 100 percent serviceconnected. Covers all license requirements to hunt and fish but holder must purchase any applicablepermits.

Trapping (Type 019) __________ $28.00

Lifetime Sportsman (Age determines the cost - see below)
An all inclusive lifetime license valid for hunting, trapping, and sport fishing without any statesupplemental licenses or permits. Allows holders to apply for quota permits at no additional fee.Applications are available at your local TWRA office and on this Website.

  • Type 401 (Under 3 years of age) _____ $200.00
  • Type 406 (Ages 3-6) _____ $540.00
  • Type 402 (Ages 7-12) _____ $810.00
  • Type 403 (Ages 13-50) ____ $1620.00
  • Type 404 (Ages 51-64) _____ $945.00
  • Type 405 (Ages 65 and older) ______ $270.00

Nonresident Licenses

These do not include WMA or special season permits.

  • Junior Hunt/Fish (Type 070) __________ $9.00
    Required for nonresidents ages 13-15. A Type 073 or 074 is required to hunt big game.
  • 7-Day Hunt-Small Game/Waterfowl (Type 072)___$50.50
  • Hunt-Small Game/Waterfowl (Type 071) __________ $91.00
  • 7-Day All Game (Type 074) __________ $175.50
  • Annual All Game (Type 073) __________ $251.00
  • Trapping (Type 120) ____________ $401.00

Wildlife Management Area Permits

Everyone who hunts on a Wildlife Management Area is required to have a WMA permitexcept the holder of a Lifetime Sportsman License, Annual Sportsman License, Annual Senior CitizenPermit (Type 167), and youths under age 16 hunting small game and waterfowl. The youth hunters mustbe accompanied by an adult with a valid WMA permit. Youths under age 6 may not hunt big gameon a WMA. All ages need a Type 094 permit for county non-quota hunts.

  • WMA Small Game and Waterfowl (Type 091) __ $51.00
  • 1-Day Small Game and Waterfowl (Type 092) __ $10.50
  • WMA Small Game only (Type 093) ________ $17.00
  • Special Season/WMA Nonquota Big Game (Type 094) __ $21.00
    Valid for all County Special Season and WMA non-quota big game hunts, including Cherokee.
  • Cherokee WMA Big Game Nonquota (Type 095) __ $16.00
    Valid only for Cherokee WMA non-quota big game hunts.

Reelfoot Preservation Permit - required for all users except:

  1. those under 16 years of age
  2. residents 65 years or older
  3. holders of the Annual Sportsman license, Lifetime Sportsman license, or theAnnual Senior Citizen Permit (Type 167).
  • Annual Reelfoot Preservation Permit (Type 089)__ $17.00
  • 3-Day Reelfoot Preservation Permit (Type 088) __ $10.50
  • 1-Day Reelfoot Preservation Permit (Type 090) __ $3.50

Royal Blue and Sundquist Special Use Permits
These permits may be purchased for horseback riding, bicycling, and ORV use. Youths under age 13 andpersons holding a valid annual or permanent hunting license with a valid permit to hunt on theseareas are exempt.

  • Resident Annual Permit (Type 035) ______________ $61.00
  • Resident Daily Permit (Type 036) ________________ $12.50
  • Non-resident Annual Permit (Type 037) ___________ $191.00
  • Non-resident Daily Permit (Type 038) _____________ $30.50

At least one occupant of an enclosed vehicle must possess the proper permit(s). Nopermit shall be required on certain roads/trails as designated.

Apprentice Hunting License (Type 012 - $11.00)
This license is available to all hunters 10 years of age or older who have not completed themandatory hunter education course. It exempts the hunter from the mandatory hunter education law fora full license year, but may only be purchased once during the lifetime of the hunter. Hunters whopossess this license must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older, who must meet huntereducation requirements.

Federal Duck Stamp - $15.00
Federal law requires that each waterfowl hunter, age 16 and over carry on his/her person, inaddition to a hunting license and permit, a valid Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and ConservationStamp, (federal duck stamp), signed in ink across the face. These can be obtained through the PostOffice, National Wildlife Refuge offices, and some discount and sporting goods stores.

Migratory Bird Permit Required
Resident and nonresident hunters must possess a Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit to hunt waterfowlandf other migratory birds. Available anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold. The followingdo not need this permit:

  • Landowners hunting on their own land
  • Disabled veterans
  • Tennessee residents 65 years of age or older
  • Tennessee residents under 13 years of age
  • Lifetime Sportsman license holders

Migratory Bird Permit ( Type 006) - $2.00
Migratory Bird Permit (Type 007) - No fee
(Only available to Sportsman license holders).

Landowner License Exemption
Persons hunting without a license under a resident farmland owner exemption must complete and sign astatement, attesting where the property is located and how this land qualifies for a landownerexemption. Persons may complete the form in advance and carry it with them while hunting or they maycomplete the form when requested in the field by a TWRA official or when checking game. Residentlandowners and their children hunting on their parent's land under this exemption are also exemptfrom Hunter Education Certification requirements. Click hereto download the Farmland Owner License Exemption Statement (Adobe Acrobat Reader Format).

No License Needed For

  • Residents born before March 1, 1926 (with proof of age and residency).
  • Military personnel on leave carrying leave papers.
  • Landowners, their spouses, and children who hunt on farmland which is owned bysaid landowners. The aforementioned must be residents of Tennessee but need not reside on theland. This license exemption does not apply if the farmland is owned jointly or in common byunrelated persons.
  • Resident grandchildren (under the age of 16) and resident great-grandchildren(under the age of 16) who hunt on farmland which is owned by their resident grandparents orgreat-grandparents.
  • Tenants, their spouses, and their dependent children who hunt on farmlandowned by an individual or family. The aforementioned must be residents of Tennessee and mustactually reside on the land and have the permission of the landowner to hunt. A tenant is aperson who, for money, free rent, or other consideration, cares for farmland. The tenancy mustbe agricultural in nature.
  • First cousins who own farmland jointly or in common may fish and hunt smallgame on the farmland. Their children may fish and hunt small game as well.
  • Resident and nonresident youths under 13. Hunters ages 10-12 need only ahunter education certificate to hunt. However, youths 6-16 hunting big game on a WMA must have avalid Type 094 or Type 095 permit or quota permit, as applicable.

Misplaced A License
All hunting and fishing licenses can be replaced, including the Lifetime Sportsman License. Pleaseverify your address at the time of purchase. All duplicate licenses cost $7.00.

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